UNEQUAL SCENES: Using a drone, photographer Johnny Miller flew over the area and took aerial shots showing the clear divide between the wealthier estates and the poor, densely populated Imizamo Yethu township. This photograph forms part of a larger project, Unequal Scenes. Photo: Johnny Miller

From the air there is a certain beauty and symmetry in the juxtaposition of Tierboskloof, a luxury gated estate and Imizamo Yethu Bay, the township on the side of a mountain. Both areas are situated right beside one another in … Continue reading A shared (but different) view

Political parties generally fielded fewer female ward candidates in the 2016 local government elections, suggesting that voters might be inclined to vote for men, on the ward lists where individual candidates are directly elected. But South African voters appear to … Continue reading Sexism in South African politics

Keep your finger on the Elections pulse. Naked Data rounds up the best 2016 Local Government Elections.

There are 19 ward candidates running for my Ward 64 in Cape Town. I didn’t know the breadth of choice I had until I tried out the Candidate Ward Finder, which started as a quick project by Adi at the … Continue reading Figuring out your ward candidates

Some candidates are gaming the system hard, running in multiple wards to increase their chance of election, in one case over 100 wards. It’s legal, but is it ethical? We’re talking politics here, so ethics has nothing to do with it.

Proceeds from contentious sale of Tafelberg School will be used to fund provincial offices, not social projects

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