I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the United States of America is due for an election soon. ProPublica and Google News Lab have teamed up to create something called ElectionBot just shovel data at us. Seriously, all the data. … Continue reading ElectionBot

The Sunlight Foundation’s very weird announcement from its Board of Directors left me with more questions than answers (the most pressing of which, of course, is are they closing). So I’m extremely grateful to The Atlantic for shedding some light … Continue reading Sunlight Foundation going supernova

“At Uber, data is our biggest asset”, writes Nicolas Garcia Belmonte, who does awesome visualisations for the taxi company on cocaine. What’s really interesting about this article is how he breaks down the different types of visualisations, from data narratives like … Continue reading Uber Uber data

The 123 meter long project by Swiss Martin Panchaud tells the entire story of Star Wars Episode IV in a beautifully designed single scrolling page of epic proportions.

@Rayjoe coined it: Washington Post’s infographic as a gif shall henceforth be knows as an “infogif”. Donald Trump’s hand gestures are his second language. We try to decode some of his most-used movements. pic.twitter.com/W8EhI5HwSZ — Post Graphics (@PostGraphics) July 22, … Continue reading Infogif: Donald Trump’s hand language

Pew’s annual Media Report always makes for glum reading for those in the industry, unless you’re one of those people who welcomes our new Platform Overlords and pledges fealty to our Facebook Master. Still, the numbers are staggering – $59.6 … Continue reading More bad news for the media, says the Pew Media Report

We all know mobile is big, but it’s hard to imagine how big. This counter should help — from when you hit the page it starts counting stuff like mobile phone sold, Tweets and Likes, and selfies taken. The numbers … Continue reading So how big is mobile, exactly?

Turns out they have nothing in common. Pickles!

NPR’s investigation of Philando Castile’s driving history tells the perfect data story — uncovering a pattern of system failure that apparently is common in America, where it’s seemingly a crime to drive while black. Before being murdered by a police … Continue reading The driving life and death of Philando Castile

I suppose this isn’t our usual Naked Data story, but in some ways, the story of gutsy librarians saving 337,000 manuscripts from assholes in Timbuktu is really about saving vast quantities of information, so I think it fits in quite … Continue reading Bad-ass librarians

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