“At Uber, data is our biggest asset”, writes Nicolas Garcia Belmonte, who does awesome visualisations for the taxi company on cocaine. What’s really interesting about this article is how he breaks down the different types of visualisations, from data narratives like … Continue reading Uber Uber data

The 123 meter long project by Swiss Martin Panchaud tells the entire story of Star Wars Episode IV in a beautifully designed single scrolling page of epic proportions.

June 16, 1976, 40 years ago today: a spark ignited by students on the dusty streets of Soweto set in motion a chain of events that would play a key role in the birth of a new democratic South Africa, … Continue reading Youth Day Timeline: The day that ignited the flames of freedom

Wedding venues might be a b$tch to book, but South Africans are also keeping the divorce court pretty busy. Now new data can help you “divorce-proof” your union a little bit, at least statistically-speaking. Happily never after Divorce in SAInfographic … Continue reading Happy never after: divorce in SA

More than 3 million South Africans visited registration stations across the country this weekend to register to vote for the up-coming local government elections, according to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). Of the 3.5 million people registering to vote over … Continue reading Voter registration weekend in numbers: E Cape reaches target

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